Russell Nelson


About Russell Nelson

A San Diego native – developed his creativity on percussion and horn instruments at the age of five. Russell performed in community theaters throughout San Diego and school orchestras. At the age of fourteen, Russell was selected to the School Of Creating Performing Arts, where his talents were on display for the city to see. Russell learn to sight read music scores by the age of 15, playing drums/ percussion for musicals and jazz assembles. Eighteen years of age was a productive and challenging year for Russell. His senior year of high school, Russell auditions for a professional R&B band called Par-Tay. Par-Tay accepted Russell with open arms.

Russell Nelson became a professional drummer, song writer and composer. For more than a decade Russell entertained people all around the world. In 2004, the group that Russell was a part of for over a decade broke up. 2004 was a very challenging year for Russell. Not knowing what direction musically he wanted to pursue. Russell always had a passion for jazz. So, Russell decided to experiment in easy listening jazz. . Adding his soulful and melodic chord progression, with his horn section influence, backed by his percussion, rhythmic patterns, Russell began to create. Also, influence by movie score music, Russell involved himself in creating music for movies.

Russell Nelson had the privilege to display his musical ability in countries such as Singapore, Japan, Germany, England, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, Azores, Holland, Korea, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia , Iceland, Greenland, Portugal ,Italy, United States, Netherlands , and Croatia. Sharing the same stage with talented groups such as Tony, Toni, Tone, Lakeside, The Gap Band, Steve B , Alexander O’ Neal, The Jackson’s, After 7, and The Boys was a honor. 2004, Russell nelson was blessed with a drumstick endorsement deal with Silver Fox Inc… 2007, one of Russell’s musical creation was used in documentary On World Peace. 20010, Jazz Cd Title: Secrets Russell Nelson is a musical creator, a studio musician, performer, producer/composer and businessman. Russell has not begun to touch the surface with his music. The sky is the limit when you put Russell and music in the same context. Email: